The Birth of Texas Experts

Our documentary style at Houston Arts and Media is to use a diverse array of the most knowledgeable and engaging voices to tell a story. It is our belief that pacing and comprehension is improved if multiple voices speak on a given point. In the case of the Texas history topics covered in The Birth of Texas Series, the goal is to utilize the people who have written about and taught the subject matter since they know the material better than anyone, having spent years immersed in primary research and carrying a passion that comes through loud and clear to the viewer.


Because many of the subjects covered in the Birth of Texas Series are intertwined with others, a majority of the interview subjects will appear in multiple titles.


There will undoubtedly be other people added to the list of those we plan to interview, but about 60 experts skilled in telling the stories of this period of Texas history have already been identified. The list of interview subjects, both completed and planned, and part of their background in early Texas history, with relevant books listed first, is as follows:

Stephen Hardin, on-camera host – Texian Iliad; Texian Macabre; Professor of History at McMurry University

Frank de la Teja – San Antonio de Bexar: A Community on New Spain's Northern Frontier; Former Texas State Historian; Professor of History and Department Chair at Texas State University

Light Cummins – Texas: A Political History; Emily Austin of Texas: 1795-1851; Former Texas State Historian; Professor of History at Austin College

C. W. Swede Anderson – Admiral, Texas Navy

Liz Appleby – Curator, San Jacinto Museum of History

Alwyn Barr – Texans in Revolt: The Battle for San Antonio 1835; The African Texans; Professor Emeritus in History at Texas Tech University

Jim Bevill – The Paper Republic

Donaly Brice – The Great Comanche Raid; Land Owner of Plum Creek Battlefield; Texas State Archives

J. P. Bryan – Past Chair Institute of Texan Cultures; Past President Texas Historical Foundation; Texas State Historical Foundation; Torch Collection

Randolph B. "Mike" Campbell – Gone to Texas: A History of the Lone Star State; Regents Professor of History at the University of North Texas

Gregg Cantrell – Stephen F. Austin: Empresario of Texas; Professor of History at Texas Christian University

Tom Castanos – Education and Youth Initiatives Coordinator, San Antonio Missions National Park

Mike Cox – The Texas Rangers: Wearing the Cinco Peso: 1821-1900

Carolina Castillo Crimm – DeLeon: A Tejano Family History; Professor of History at Sam Houston State University

Jim Crisp – Sleuthing the Alamo; How Did Davy Die and Why Should We Care?; Professor of History at North Carolina State University

William C. Davis – Lone Star Rising; Three Roads to the Alamo; Professor of History at Virginia Tech University

Gregg Dimmick – Sea of Mud: The Retreat of the Mexican Army After San Jacinto; General Vicente Filisola's Analysis of Jose Urrea's Military Diary: A Forgotten 1838 Publication by an Eyewitness to the Texas Revolution

Jeff Dunn – Co-Founder, Friends of the San Jacinto Battleground

David Gracy – Moses Austin: His Life; State Library and Archives of Texas; Professor at University of Texas at Austin

Casey Greene – Head of Special Collections, Galveston and Texas History Center, Rosenberg Library

Sam Haynes – James K. Polk and the Expansionist Impulse; Major Problems in Texas History; Professor of History at UT Arlington

Daniel Howe – What Hath God Wrought: The Transformation of America, 1815-1848; Pulitzer Prize Winner; Professor Emeritus in History, University of California Los Angeles

Frank Jackson – Prairie View A&M University

Dwayne Jones – Executive Director, Galveston Historical Foundation


John Lindon – Site Manager, Fanthorp Inn State Historic Site

Paula Mitchell Marks – Women of the West; Professor of History at St. Edward's University

Bryan McAuley – Site Manager, Stephen F Austin State Historic Site; Site Manager, Levi Jordan State Historic Site

Carol McDavid – Archaeologist, Bernardo Plantation Archaeology Project; Co-Founder, Community Archaeology Research Institute

Michael Moore – Historian, Stephen F Austin State Historic Site; Director, Fort Bend Museum Association

Helen Mooty – Director, Galveston County Museum

Jim Nonus – Lafitte Society, Galveston

R. Dale Olson – Lafitte Society, Galveston

Merline Pitre – Past President Texas State Historical Association; Professor of History at Texas Southern University

David Pomeroy – Historic Pasadena, Texas; Friends of the San Jacinto Battleground

Ginny Raska – The Uncompromising Diary of Sallie McNeill

Tom Scaggs – Fanthorp Inn State Historic Site

Robert Schaadt – Former Director, Sam Houston Regional Library

Larry Spasic – Director, San Jacinto Museum of History

Paul Spellman – Forgotten Texas Leader: Hugh McLeod and the Texan Santa Fe Expedition (1999); Professor of History at Wharton County Junior College

Andres Tijerina – Tejanos and Texas Under the Mexican Flag: 1821- 1836; Early Tejano Ranching: Professor of History at Austin Community College

Janet Wagner – Chair, Harris County Historical Commission

R. Bruce Winders – Sacrificed at the Alamo: Tragedy and Triumph in the Texas Revolution; Crisis in the Southwest: The United States, Mexico and the Struggle Over Texas; Historian and Curator, The Alamo

Cary Wintz – Black Dixie; Professor of History at Texas Southern University Jim Woodrick- Historian, Bernardo Plantation Archaeology Project

Mac Woodward – Curator, Sam Houston Memorial Museum


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